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Private & Safe Studios
Aesthetics & Healthcare
Montreal - Laval - Longueuil

Awesome Lounge Area
Its a common area lounge where tenants can have their clients wait and serve them kombucha or beer
Turn Key
Invite customers for coffee. Talk to your peers and refer customers. Take a break and eat with friends. Everything is included: Coffee, Wi-Fi, electricity, heating/air conditioning, hot water, sink, washer/dryer, standard cabinet and product display, hairdressing chair if needed. Operate your business your way!
Your custom studio!
The freedom you have always dreamed of! Our studios are fully equipped, private and soundproofed, designed for personal care and health professionals. Personalize your studio with decoration and music to your taste.
Step into the world of modern minimalistic elegance through this captivating image. Discover a meticulously designed locale tailored to meet the needs of self-care professionals including hairdressers, barbers, tattoo artists, allergists, nurses, and more.  Embracing the ethos of minimalism, the interior presents a symphony of clean lines and understated luxury. Bathed in soft, ambient light, the space exudes a sense of calm sophistication, beckoning you to experience tranquility like never before.  At the heart of the setting, an exceptional chair stands as a masterpiece of design, while an impeccably organized barber's station, complete with cutting-edge tools, awaits your touch. Explore your creativity in the sleek tattoo artist's corner, where minimalist aesthetics intersect with functional brilliance. For healthcare practitioners, a meticulously arranged IV drip setup is prepared to cater to diverse needs.  Touches of minimalistic decor punctuate the space, invoking a feeling of u
Coiffeuse à son compte
Hair Style
Be the master of your schedule and rates. Make more money by taking advantage of 100% the revenues you generate, from services to selling products.
Injections of the skin.
Pedicure & Manicure. Extensions.
Hair treatments. Etc.
Local pour esthétique à louer
Local soins personnels à loue
Make your life easier. Physiotherapist. Chiropractor. Osteopath. Acupuncturist. Occupational therapist. etc. Quiet and designed for you!
No long term
No long term commitment. We offer renovated, turn key spaces on a quarterly or annual basis. Our studios are fully equipped with the basic amenities for personal care professionals. From only $225 per week.
Location court terme. Sans bail. Coiffure. Esthétique. Bien-être
5065 Queen Mary
117 Saint-Martin Ouest
600-B Curé-Poirier Ouest
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